Who’s that girl?


I am a senior at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, majoring in Culture & Politics with a focus on human rights, international organizations, and the media. If possible, I would have minored in yoga & social media. I’m that friend who reminds you to demands that you to wear your seat belt in a taxicab. (A common response is: “Ugh, Hannah, no one ever does that!”, but I love my friends and family just too much to let them ride without one!) An avid shopper, my favorite four letter word just might be “sale.” Endlessly curious (more so than that silly monkey George, I love to try anything new! I’m always up for experiencing a new restaurant (cool decor & New York City location preferred), new social media platform (right now I’m playing around with foursquare, delicious, and HootSuite), beauty product, or Luna bar flavor (my current “new recipe” favorite is Chocolate Covered Coconut, but White Chocolate Macadamia Nut still reigns supreme in my book). When I find something I love, I enjoy nothing more than telling my friends about it!

I’m nerdy about:

  • international affairs (especially human rights)
  • magazines (I’ll read anything and everything.)
  • social media (Follow me: @hannahwoit !)
  • The Today Show (Ann Curry is my hero!)
  • coupons, discounts (I love Groupon & livingsocial.) & free samples
  • cool events and new things (for this I consult Daily Candy)
  • The Style section of the New York Times
  • snail mail (when I get what others might call “junk mail,” I think to myself, “Oooh! Someone was thinking of me!” Anything the post person brings tickles me. The same does not go for email spam.)
  • bookstores (I could wander around contentedly for hours.)


This blog began as a collaborative effort between my friend Caroline and I. I owe a heartfelt thank you to Caroline for encouraging me to do this blog. I came to her with the idea of starting a blog for young women and was excited about the idea, as I have opened my eyes to the challenges I will have to face and choices I will have to make as a young woman today.

When I mentioned the idea to Caroline, she graciously did not laugh in my face. I am very thankful to have had her support with this endeavor (and for the past 19 years of my life!). Our discussions about the various gender gaps in American politics and business were inspiring. I began to suspect that maybe I had hit upon something worthwhile.

Of course, I am sad to see Caroline leave this blog, but also realize that her choice exemplifies a challenge that all women of our generation will have to face: prioritizing according to what is important to us at a given time with a view of taking care of ourselves and living a balanced life.


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