From Sweatshirts To Pencil Skirts

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I’ve been cheating on my blog. Since my last post, I’ve started blogging over at Forbes Woman, with a blog called “From Sweatshirts To Pencil Skirts” that chronicles my take as a Gen-Y woman entering the workforce (and any other issues that I think should be part of the current online discourse).

Here’s what I’ve been up to over at Forbes Woman:

“Can I Still Be A Feminist If I…?”

This post is one of the  more personal I’ve done for Forbes Woman. It was one of the times where I found myself wondering, “Am I crazy for thinking this?” Although I got a few negative comments in reaction to the post, many young women told me (in person, on the blog, and on social media) that they too had found themselves wondering the same thing. (Want to know what the thought was? Head on over to the post! And please feel free to leave me your comments on the blog or on Twitter!)

“Putting The ‘Man’ In Manicure”

What happened when I found myself being sexist about working as a host/hostess in a restaurant.

“Beauty And The Brood”

What do some researchers “beautiful” women want more of than the average woman?

“Combating Violence Against Women, From The U.S. To Uganda”

What the International Violence Against Women Act has to do with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“An Employer’s Guide to Generation Y”

3 ways for employers to deal with the newcomers who are scratching their heads over what the heck a 401k is and packing PB&J for lunch.

I am excited to be able to share the Forbes Woman platform with so many talented contributors (women and men!), who blog on a variety of topics (from exploring why women’s networking events are so “girly” to how driving a stick can help you at work, so check it out!

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