Trending: Lace

When it comes to trends, I’d say I’m usually a “late adopter” (in techie-speak).

Yup, I’m afraid of commitments – especially when they require money and bold fashion choices. I wont be the girl who rocks the latest suspenders Forever 21 is pushing, nor would I have been the blonde with feather hair extensions walking down the street in the spring before they became all the rage in the early summer.

But I do notice them! Some trends I notice and need to see a few more times on the street before they win me over, but others I embrace wholeheartedly right away. An example of the latter? LACE.

Here are my current favorite lacey items from the stores and designers that are loving the lace this season:

Old Navy (on sale!):

for those who want lace with an edge

image from


Lush @ Piperlime (another sale find!):

for making the most of those summer nights

image from


Kimchi Blue @ Urban Outfitters:

for the hipsters

image from


And the prize for loveliest lace goes to…

The Mad Men Collection @ Banana Republic:

for the Mad Men fans (and me… and apparently all of my friends!*)

image from

 for some lacey fun under the Banana Republic blazer that you thought you’d need when you started the job search and resigned yourself to becoming a “real person”***

image from


*within about 48 hours of buying this dress, I found out that about 68%** of my female friends had purchased this dress.

**general guesstimate

***maybe that was just me?

~ by freshinkblog on August 22, 2011.

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