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Confession: I couldn’t stay away.

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But, for the next while, I am experimenting with a new format – one that requires less time of (the likely very busy) you and I. Posts will now be tips that are to the point and I will leave it up to you if you think it is useful for you to learn more about (i.e., spend more time on) them.

My rationale? (Out of respect for your time, stop reading here if you found yourself thinking, “Thank goodness! Hannah is finally going to stop wasting my time with her pontificating!” and just wait for the next few posts because, here comes some of my media philosophizing.)

Think about it: how often do you (or, if you’re a particularly voracious reader, the average person) read an entire article? Do you have the time? The attention span?

What does it mean that Twitter, with its 140-character limit, has both found a way to integrate with traditional media outlets like TV news programs as well as serve as a source of news in itself for its users?

Sometimes I find myself worrying that I have not taken full advantage of the vast amounts of information out there – in cyberspace, in print, on the radio, and on television.

So, for better or worse, I see a major trend towards short-form content, both as useful in providing succinct information in itself as well as giving users a hint of the longer form content they can access.

~ by freshinkblog on April 25, 2011.

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