Best of the Blogs

My Google Reader is packed.* If I fall behind on my blog reading during the week, I often have hundreds of posts to catch up on by the time the weekend comes!

So, inspired by Mediabistro’s reminder to spring clean my Twitter account, I decided to do the same with my regular blog reading lineup.

The beauty of the blogosphere? There’s something for everyone. Here are seven of my favorite blogs. Considering how many hours I spend scouring the Internet for sources that regularly feature novel, entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking content, I would dare to say that the following blogs have undergone a serious vetting process!

For the Fashionistas:

  • The Sartorialist: Fashion photo-blogging would not be the same without The Sartorialist, which features images of not fashion models in expensive designer outfits in a carefully curated setting, but real people on the street. As the Parisian cafe-goers know, people watching isn’t creepy – it can be a great resource for style ideas!
  • Who What Wear: Another great fashion resource, my personal favorite from WWW is the “What Was She Wearing” posts that feature pictures of celebrities alongside a guide of which designers they’re wearing. In a way, it’s like turning reality into a living catalog.

For the Beauty Junkies:

For Women who Dream of the Corner Office:

For Women who Want to Know:

*If you regularly read multiple blogs and do not yet use Google Reader, you’re missing out on a valuable content aggregation tool! Check out the Google Reader tutorial to get started.

I’m always looking for new inspiration – Which blogs do you follow?


~ by freshinkblog on April 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Best of the Blogs”

  1. What an honor to be included on your list! Thank you!! We have the same exact problem when it comes to blogs – too much great content and not enough time!

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