The Daily: The future of news or just another Hoodsie cup?

by Hannah

I have this peculiar tendency to like two things separately, but not together. For example: I like chocolate; I like ice cream, but I don’t like chocolate ice cream. (I was that kid who was always trying to trade the chocolate half of my Hoodsie cup for your vanilla one.)

In a similar way, as much as I love newspapers and I love the internet, I have to admit, I have yet to find an online news source that I find informative, enjoy, and easy to use. So, I was skeptical about The Daily. After it launched on February 2nd, I kept hearing about glitches with the app and reports of its content being leaked on the web. Also, with all of the free and reputable online news sources out there (like Huffington Post and, until recently, The New York Times), I thought, “Why should I have to pay for the news?”

Freshly back from a visit at home where I became accustomed to consuming daily newspapers along with my breakfast cereal, I finally decided I would give The Daily a try. I have enjoyed The Daily so much that once my two-week free subscription period has ended, I will probably become a full-fledged subscriber. Yes, I, a frugal college student who cringes at the thought of having to call her parents for more money because she failed to budget her funds, will pay for the news. The subscription costs 99 cents/week or $39.99/year.

Why is it worth the subscription price?

  • Ease of sharing content, especially on social media networks. My grandmother often sends me clippings from newspaper articles in the mail or saves them for me for when I come to visit her. My dad sends me links to news articles he thinks I might enjoy via email. My friends, however, directly send me links or post them for a general audience on Facebook and Twitter. Social networks are the primary way members of generation Y are conversing and sharing news content. The Daily will do well with this generation because it has a toolbar on top of the article that allows readers to post stories to their Facebook or Twitter accounts with one tap. There are no scissors involved, nor are there email programs or open browser windows to clutter your desktop.
  • Subscriptions to general news publications allow you to become conversant in a wider variety of issues. This information covers a wider range of subjects than I might pursue on my own. I constantly rely upon the knowledge I glean from news outlets with others, whether it is a topic for small talk or the ability to relate a theory I have learned in my International Organizations class to current events. You could (and should!) subscribe to publications that focus on your interests, but daily news is an invaluable way to connect with other people.
  • Embedded (ad-free) videos. Many news sites have started to embed video in their stories, but often have an ad run before you can watch even a short clip. The Daily does not.
  • It has Sudoku – with a pencil feature! Sudoku is one of my favorite pastimes, but I have long avoided doing challenging puzzles on an electronic device. I like using the traditional pen-and-paper medium because I’m not one of those whizzes who can fill out a hard puzzle with a pen – I make mistakes! The Daily has a “pencil” feature that allows readers to put multiple numbers in one box until they decide which is the right one.


~ by freshinkblog on March 23, 2011.

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