Kale is Having a Moment

by Hannah


image from sheknows.com

Kale. The leafy green vegetable is everywhere in health and fitness media!

According to Real Simple‘s A to Z Ingredients Guide, its nutritional benefits include:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • calcium
  • “cancer-fighting phytonutrients”

A nutritionist or physician I am not, but those all sound great to me! And I’m almost always up for trying a new ingredient, just to be able to say I’ve had it. Last weekend while out to dinner with my boyfriend, I ordered a tuna sashimi salad. As I was trying to subtly carve out the slightly more cooked parts, I asked my boyfriend, “Am I getting cool points for eating raw fish?!” He just made a face. So I ate what I could manage of the raw mess in front of me and then just filled up on carrot cake instead.

I tried kale a few weeks ago at the Whole Foods prepared foods bar. It was… fine. It had the consistency of chewy seaweed, but as I happily chewed away, I reminded myself of all the good vitamins I was getting, which was enough to sell me on it!

Today I ran across a blog by another woman who is embracing kale: 365 Days of Kale by Diana Dyer. A registered dietitian and cancer survivor, this woman can truly attest to the power of this veg!

Interested in trying this power food? Check out these recipes (NB: I have not tried these out, but hope to soon!):


This kale almond pesto sounds delicious! / image from elanaspantry.com


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