WSJ’s Take on Fashion Week – On the Cheap!

by Hannah

I’d love to tell you that I read the Wall Street Journal for its hard-hitting financial news, but it is its cultural pieces that make me pick up a copy. Lucky me, whenever I go home I get to take advantage of the daily newspaper print subscriptions that real adult people like my parents have. After grabbing the iconic New York Times “Style” section, I immediately reach for the “Personal Journal” in the WSJ. If you are amongst those readers who prefer the fashion market to the financial market, or news about the GAP to information about GDP, but have access to a copy of the WSJ, give it a try!

One gem from last Saturday/Sunday edition was “The One Sheet,” a summary of  the highlights from Europe’s fashion week.

Here are a few of the trends they noted (and I took the liberty of finding you more financially accessible options – I may not care to read economic news on a daily basis, but I certainly do not want to encourage another credit crisis!):

1. “’60s Lady”

To channel your inner Jackie O in this shift dress by LOFT, pair it with a cardigan, some pearls, and some shades!

2. “Fall Flowers”

It’s no secret that Kohl’s is cheap. Just as most people don’t know that the WSJ has a stylish side – so does this department store! This floral top, from Lauren Conrad’s collection at Kohl’s, would look fantastic with black leggings and nude or black heels or layered under a blazer for the office. A simple gold necklace or gold bangles would be a great complement to this top!

3. “Animal House”

Subtly work in this animal-print fashion week trend by selecting pieces in neutral tones, like this heel by Ralph Lauren at Piperlime. (And it’s on sale – snatch it up quickly!)

4. “Schoolgirl Sweet”

I’m not going to lie to you, I sometimes used to wish that I went to a private school with a dress code that went beyond my public school’s general guideline of “Just cover yourself up in something that doesn’t make your classmates, teachers, or administrators blush.” If I were to pretend I was a prep school student for a day, I might pair this Old Navy skirt with black tights, my new high-heeled oxford shoes and a white cable-knit sweater.

5. “Glove Love”

I was greatly disturbed to find that there was still snow on the ground in Massachusetts when I went home last week. The one bright spot of still having chilly weather? You can emulate this fashion week trend by wearing these (fleece-lined!) driving gloves, available at Sears.

6. “Bootie Call”

I’m not usually a fan of booties because I think they have tendency to cut off the ankle at an unflattering point that makes your legs look shorter than they are, but I like this pair from Steve Madden – they are a shorter version of a longer pair I’ve been admiring! (There’s just something interesting about that extra overlapping layer that just covers the ankle…)


~ by freshinkblog on March 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “WSJ’s Take on Fashion Week – On the Cheap!”

  1. A few random thoughts. #1- I never look at clothes at Kohls and obviously I should. #2- I love that black dress. #3- A dress code would be fun for about 5 days but then you’d be tired one morning and wishing for no rules again!

    • Kohl’s has some surprisingly fashionable clothes! And I just found out yesterday that Lauren Conrad has expanded her new Kohl’s line to include shoes. I can’t wait to check it out – cheap shoes are a weakness of mine! – Hannah

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