It’s Fashion Week!!

by Hannah

Despite my nerdiness, I dislike going to museums (Don’t tell anyone, it’ll mess with my image!). I like to think of going to clothing stores as my “museums” when I travel. They are my favorite way to learn about a place’s popular culture, as well as a way to compare exchange rates (bummer: H&M is not cheap when you’re an American shopping in Europe!). The only exception to my dislike of museums is if they showcase clothing. Confession: It took me over three years of being at Georgetown to get to a Smithsonian History museum. My favorite part? The first ladies’ inaugural gowns!! To. Die. For.

So, whilst some might dream of New York City for its abundance of great artwork in famous museums, I fantasize about the people-watching and shopping. Today marks the beginning of Fashion Week in NYC. Given my love of fashion, it is not surprising that one of my life dreams is to attend a fashion show (in my world, a moving museum display of culture curated by fashion designers!). Sadly, jetting off to Manhattan this season was not in the cards (hmm… it has never been actually, but someday I’m getting a new deck of cards!), but thanks to the internet I can pretend I’m there (without having to agonize over my fashion show outfit. I have never had to struggle with the quintessential fashion week question: is it lame/too predictable to wear a designer’s clothing to their own show?!).

Join me as I live vicariously through those occupying the front row seats until Feb. 17th:

Watch the runway shows live on YouTube!

Look at Drool over what some lucky Tumblr bloggers have seen thanks to the passes they snagged.

My favorite coverage so far? New York Magazine’s The Cut’s recap of the Red Dress Show to raise awareness about women’s heart health.

At the top of my fashion week wish list? Michael Kors - for never-fail classic looks. / images from


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