Sundays at Lululemon Athletica

by Hannah

Where will you find me on a Sunday? At the free yoga classes at Lululemon Athletica! These classes have reliably rounded out my weekend routine and softened the blow of the realization that Monday is quickly approaching for a few years now. I have a Lululemon location in each of my three “homes”: DC, NYC, and Massachusetts. (My definition of home is somewhere where I have a set of toiletries, one of my regular yoga studios nearby, and people who love me!)

From what I can tell, the policy on the free yoga classes vary from store to store. Some stores will host teachers from a new studio every month, while others might just sponsor free classes at local studios instead of having them in-store every week.

Thanks to these free classes, I have had the opportunity to practice yoga in some pretty unique places! Last summer, thanks to Lululemon, I did a class in the middle of Union Square and one on the ellipse in front of the White House. The class in Union Square was not for the self-conscious, as various tourists stopped to take pictures of the group of spandex-clad people bending and stretching in the middle of the Square. The class at the ellipse was a more organized affair, as part of Lululemon’s Salutation Nation, a nationwide event that held city-wide classes outside.

So, this weekend, do something nice for yourself: even if you have never tried yoga before, give it a try (for free!) this Sunday at your local Lululemon. Most are beginner classes, and if not, the instructors work under the assumption that people are there who have had no previous yoga experience. Just come in comfortable clothing and with a water bottle – they will provide the mats!



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