Style by Lauren Conrad

by Hannah

Confession: Lauren Conrad has been my fashion idol ever since the days of Laguna Beach. When she moved onto The Hills and Heidi became the new Lo (to my chagrin – Lo is, and has always been, my favorite of Lauren’s friends!), viewers watched Lauren’s style transition from her staple long C&C California tanks with jeans and chandelier earrings to shiny Alice + Olivia mini dresses and sleek chignons.

"Then": Lauren with two high school staples: the teenage pout and Juicy sweats / image from

"Now": Lauren's enviable red carpet style / image from

What’s so great about Lauren’s style? She uses classic pieces to pull together simple, yet classy looks that don’t overpower her. (It’s endearing when your dog tries to walk you by pulling you down the street while you’re walking her, but the same does not go for clothes. You’re the one wearing the clothes – they shouldn’t wear you!)

Lauren’s book gives some great tips – from how  to accessorize to how to mend a hole in your clothes to how to keep your white clothes… white! (Always a challenge.) She even tackles how to pack for trips of varying durations and to different climates, how to decode dress codes for events, and which shoes to stow for the work commute to avoid rocking a sneaker -pantyhose combo.

The Lauren Conrad trifecta / image from

My favorite part? She gives step-by-step instructions on how to achieve her signature looks – yes, you too can now achieve the Lauren Conrad goddess braid (p. 160), updo (p. 156), and cat eye (p. 128).

I’ve been working braids into my hairstyle  almost every day for about a year now. I love that they add something unexpected to your look, but the best part is that they keep the fly-aways out of my face! I’m a focused girl (cough* understatement *cough), and I don’t like anything getting in the way of what I am working on and I hate taking the time to redo or fix anything.

I found her instructions on how to create the”simple” undone updo kind of confusing. (Anyone want to clarify how to create the three sections you’re supposed to be working with?!) I’ve tried it three times and was happy with the result only once, but I love this look, so I’ll keep trying!

Eye makeup can be challenging, even scary. You need a steady hand and patience. (As is the case with my hair, I don’t have much of the latter when it comes to my makeup!) My friends and I have been saying for years that we’d love to try a smokey eye, but have yet to get up the courage. Perhaps I’ll break out Lauren’s tips on page 142 the next time we get ready for a night out.

I don’t just admire Lauren Conrad for her impeccable style. She has also used her fame to call attention to violence against women by teaming up with mark cosmetics to launch the m.powerment campaign. Abuse against women is something we don’t talk enough about in the United States (or anywhere, really). According to the National Organization for Women, the Justice Department has found that one in five college women will be victims of rape or attempted rape and few will report the attack to authorities. What can you do? You can support the m.powerment campaign by purchasing m.powerment products, but most importantly speak out about the issue of domestic abuse – provide support to any survivors you know and if you suspect someone you know is the victim of such abuse, consult m.powerment’s resources page for help.


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